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Most people are not aware of what is expected, even if they know in advance that they will be in charge of an estate at some point. Attorney Grant advises surviving spouses and other family members, as well as independent administers and personal representatives regarding the proper administration of estates and handling of specific problems that may arise.


Confusion and emotional turmoil often accompany a death.  Grief stricken family members will often act out of character and cause unexpected problems.  Don't add to the confusion by trying to do things yourself.  Call Attorney Grant for experienced advice about the steps that should be taken to gather and protect the decedent's property for the benefit of the heirs or devisees under a will.  Attorney Grant is ready with knowledgeable advice and direction to help personal representatives and other fiduciaries do their job properly.   Proper administration of estates and trusts is critical, both to avoid family conflict and minimize tax and other costs.


Attorney Grant practices on both sides of the great divide.  In addition to preparing estate planning documents and offering complete estate planning services, Attorney Grant provides practical and legal advice to clients who have been appointed personal representative (or executor) of an estate, as well as trustees of trusts.  With Attorney Grant's help, this important job goes smoothly, even for those who are unfamiliar with the probate process or what they are expected to do on behalf of another person.


If you are a personal representative (or executor) of an estate or trustee of a trust with questions about your duties or just want to review your options as a fiduciary, contact Attorney Grant today.


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