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Whether you’re being audited by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or the Massachusetts Department of Revenue (MDOR), or  you’re unsure about what must be filed, you shouldn’t try to decipher the constantly changing tax forms and laws on your own. Give yourself a chance to avoid financial repercussions from the IRS or MDOR by trusting Attorney Grant, a highly qualified attorney with an LL.M. in taxation.

Attorney Grant uses his years of experience and expertise to look over your financial situation and create a plan that will ensure you’re minimizing your tax liabilities. He’ll inform you of your tax rights and help you deal with collections or audits. 

Attorney Grant works hard to be fully updated on the laws so you can get the assistance you need with multiple issues, including: 

  • Estate Tax

  • Gift Tax

  • Generation-skipping Transfer Tax

  • Income Tax 

  • Charitable Trusts 

Besides being able to help you minimize your tax liabilities, Attorney Grant can also make sure that you administer your loved one's estate properly, and help you to plan for your own.


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